CHOVSK congratulates all colleagues, partners and customers on the New Year 2023!

A magical, wonderful holiday on the threshold,
And in the New Year, the door is already open,
Leave all the worries in the year gone by
And only believe in the best and the good.
May the days be beautiful and bright,
And every new day of the calendar
Will be remembered with happy gifts,
And every moment will not be lived in vain.
Let there be dear people nearby
And those whom we love dearly,
Friends, colleagues, relatives, relatives,
Their wisdom and reliable shoulder.
Under the clink of glasses, let wishes come true,
And the wheel of fate will give you many years.
Let the house be filled with comfort and warmth,
We wish you great victories in the New Year!
To reach the heights of the cherished, without a doubt,
To catch success in the cycle of days,
Let the mood be cheerful in the New Year,
And next to it — the laughter and sincerity of friends!

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