Engineering fences

Installation of engineering fences

One of the elementary and at the same time one of the most effective ways to prevent unwanted entry into a protected area is the installation of engineering fences. They are used almost everywhere, and often to prevent exit from a protected facility, for example, in correctional facilities.

Fences of various types prevent crossing borders, ramming the perimeter of an object with the help of vehicles or transferring objects to a protected area. Engineering fences include fences made of various materials, barbed wire obstacles, gouges and metal hedgehogs. Almost all types of fences are used not only in peacetime, but are also widely used in combat or riots.

Contacting a specialized organization will allow you to quickly build engineering fences of various types and secure a protected facility or territory. Works on installation of protections are qualitatively carried out by employees of the ChoVsK company. We have a rich experience of working at closed facilities and a portfolio of completed orders.

Use the services of the ChoVsK company for the installation of engineering fences. You can get advice from a company specialist by calling the phone number listed on the website, or by ordering a call back. If you need to keep an important object under control, ChoVsK employees will help you complete this task!