CWC (Weapons Storage Room)

CWC (Weapon Storage Room)

A weapon storage room (CWC) is a special room where it is prescribed by law to keep weapons at all times, except for the time of their direct use. The requirements for CWC equipment for weapons stores, warehouses and exhibitions of weapons are different, all standards are clearly reflected in the Federal Law "On Weapons". Particular attention is paid to the storage of firearms and ammunition.

Thus, the presence of a weapon storage room is not uncommon in public and private institutions, so the demand for equipping such rooms is stable. CWC equipment is needed by security agencies, shooting ranges and training centers, law enforcement units, some jewelry stores and even schools. Of course, it is necessary to equip the weapon storage room in accordance with the law. Already strict requirements are regularly tightened, therefore, in order to avoid legal consequences for their violation, it would be wise to delegate this task to professionals.

A reliable organization that is able to equip the CWC on a turnkey basis is the ChoVsK company. We offer our services to institutions that use any weapon from sporting to combat. The company's specialists will help you quickly and correctly organize the storage of weapons and ammunition necessary for work. You can contact us by phone or by ordering a call back using the form on the website.

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