KSP (Control and tracking lane)

KSP (Control-track lane)

A control strip is a special strip of terrain designed to supervise crossing the border of a protected area. The use of PCBs on the border of two states is best known, but there are other areas of their application. In a broad sense, you can surround them with any territory with controlled access.

The width of the control-track strip is usually significant and can reach up to 10-12 meters. It can be natural (sand, snow or grass) and artificial (bulk or plowed). If an intruder tries to cross the guarded border, he will inevitably have to pass through the KSP. According to the traces left, it is possible to determine in which place the penetration was made, from where and where the unwanted visitor went. It is necessary to constantly monitor the state of the PCB and maintain its integrity in order to fully ensure the safety of the facility or the territory under its jurisdiction.

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