Ambulance car

Ambulance car

An ambulance is a vehicle that is specially designed or equipped for the transport of the sick in peacetime or the evacuation of the wounded during hostilities. Also, ambulance transport is used to transport doctors, medical equipment and medicines.

As a rule, the interior of the car is divided into a cabin and the actual sanitary room, which is adapted for the transport of bedridden patients, has attachments for stretchers and folding seats. A full-fledged medical vehicle has equipment for resuscitation and support of the patient in a stable condition.

Of course, in the ambulance there are medicines, dressings, stretchers, oxygen tanks and much more. In critical conditions, even simple surgical interventions can be carried out in such a machine.

In any situation associated with a threat to life and health of people, contact the ChoVsK company to order an ambulance. We will be able to provide a fully equipped vehicle in a short time. In order to prevent serious loss and damage to human health, we recommend having an ambulance ready in advance in case of danger.

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