Installation of barriers

The barrier is designed to quickly block and unblock the path of people and vehicles. First of all, it is used to control the passage of cars into and out of a protected area. Barriers can be controlled manually, but modern automatic ones are the most common at present.

According to the type of action, vertical, rotary and retractable devices are distinguished:

  • Vertical. The most popular option in which the boom is raised and lowered.
  • Swivel. Here the boom moves in a horizontal plane, opening and closing the passage.
  • Rollback. In this type of protective structure, the boom is moved away from the roadway. They resemble a minimalist version of a sliding gate.

When choosing a barrier, rely on three main criteria:

  • Load resistance. Barriers are usually divided into three types: 50%, 70% and 90%, where the percentage means the proportion of time that the device is able to be in motion.
  • Arrow length. It should cover approximately two-thirds of the width of the driveway to leave room for pedestrians.
  • Possibility of improvement. This implies the installation of a card reader, surveillance camera and other additional equipment.

To order the installation of barriers, we suggest using the services of a specialized organization, such as ChoVsK. Our employees will quickly and efficiently make measurements and install the barrier of the required configuration. You can place an order and get advice by calling the phone number listed on the site.

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