Video surveillance system

SOT (Security television system (video surveillance))

Rarely, a building or a room through which a large flow of people passes is not equipped with a security television system. Today, the term video surveillance is more popular. Video cameras of various sizes and purposes surround us on the street, in public and private institutions, on the common territory of residential premises.

For industrial enterprises, public places and objects with limited access, the importance of security television systems is very great. They are used to monitor the protected area or premises.

Video surveillance involves direct visual control, and security television means remote surveillance using software and hardware. However, thanks to the development of technology, the difference between these concepts has practically disappeared.

So, a security television system or video surveillance is one of the main ways to monitor the situation at a protected facility or territory. Specialists of the company "ChoVsk" recommend to install video surveillance cameras to ensure security. We offer our clients reliable and efficient surveillance systems that meet modern standards. Employees of the company "ChoVsk" are able to perform a full cycle of work, from cable laying, to the installation of cameras and tracking monitors. Order a call using the form on the website or contact us by phone.

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