Access control and management system

ACS (Access Control and Management System)

Most private and state-owned enterprises and institutions that want to work successfully and efficiently pay great attention to controlling the passage of people and transport to their territory. This is due to several factors:

  • Control of staff performance.
  • Attendance analytics.
  • Accounting of material values.
  • Security of confidential information.

It is obvious that an organization where there is no control over the above indicators will not be able to function and develop fruitfully. In order to ensure comprehensive monitoring of the ongoing processes, access control and management systems are used. The concept refers to a set of technical and software tools that allow identifying people and vehicles passing through a certain territory or part of it, and controlling their access.

The system consists of electronic locks, frames, turnstiles and barriers, identification cards, readers and a controller. All this is managed with the help of special software.

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