Means of forced transport stop

Installation of means of forced stop of transport

At specially protected objects, in addition to standard measures to control the entry and exit of vehicles, such as barriers, more reliable and stable devices are used. These include road bollards, ballards, spiked obstacles, and gates. They guarantee that the vehicle will stop at the checkpoint. When you try to break through the security point, the car gets damaged, which does not allow you to continue moving.

Such measures are applied at military bases and closed industrial enterprises, as well as in critical government institutions. Of course, a private person can install means of forced stopping of transport at will.

As a rule, devices that block the passage have two working positions: open and closed. When closed, they do not interfere with the passage of vehicles. So you can regulate access to the protected area, depending on the need.Forced stopping devices are more technically complex than simple barriers, so it would be wise to involve competent people to install them.

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