Construction of landfills

Construction of landfills

Every person's life is accompanied by the formation of waste and over the years they only become more. To prevent garbage from causing an environmental disaster, it is customary to dispose of it. Removal to a landfill is one of the most popular methods of waste disposal in our time.

A landfill of solid waste (solid household waste) is an area where garbage is stored, decontaminated and processed. Collecting a large amount of waste in one place negatively affects the environment, therefore, strict requirements are imposed on the construction of landfills for household waste. Let 's list some of the requirements:

1. Landfills are built at a safe distance from the nearest settlement, water sources or recreation areas.
2. Natural soil waterproofing is required during construction. This can be achieved on clay, loamy soils, and on other soils they make a filling.
3. It is customary to plant trees around the site. The width of the security zone is 20 meters.
4. The entrance to the landfill is asphalted, and reinforced concrete baths with a special liquid for washing wheels are made at the exit.
5. A fence is erected around the territory and fire extinguishing systems are equipped.

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