TSO (technical means of protection)

TSO (technical means of protection)
Every head of an organization or business owner wants to be sure that the objects for which he is responsible are under reliable protection. This applies to both public and private institutions. Neglect of precautionary measures threatens to disrupt the functioning of any system. In our time it is difficult to imagine an organization that can successfully operate and develop without the use of technical means of protection.

Behind the abbreviation TCO is a set of digital systems, some of which work autonomously, others are integrated with each other. The technical means of protection include the following systems:

  • Perimeter protection;
  • Information security;
  • Access control and management;
  • Video surveillance and acoustic control;
  • Alarm;
  • Fire alarm.

The integrated use of these tools guarantees the minimization of risks and the reliable protection of territories and facilities. The design and implementation of such complex technical solutions are carried out by specialized organizations. One of the proven and trustworthy is the company "ChoVsK". We offer services for the installation of technical security equipment on a turnkey basis.

Contact a company specialist by the phone number listed on the website, or request a call back. Together we can find the optimal configuration of the necessary security equipment for your facilities.

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