Extinguishing fires

Fire extinguishing

No one is safe from fire, it is no coincidence that in most countries of the world much attention is paid to the work of fire fighting services. Any public facilities are under the supervision of a strict fire inspection, the implementation of fire safety rules is mandatory, and their violation threatens to suspend the work of the organization.

However, fires do occur regularly, and when they do, time is measured not by hours, but by minutes. It is important to respond quickly and correctly to an incident and call a special service that will eliminate the fire and prevent re-ignition.
ChoVsK is always ready to help in case of fire. The principles of work that guide us in the fight against uncontrolled fire are based on the best domestic and international experience of fire services.

Employees of the company are able to cope with a fire of any class, both indoors and outdoors. Our experts have experience with fire extinguishing equipment and are able to maintain self-control in difficult situations. By timely contacting the ChoVsK company, you can avoid large-scale damage to people's lives and save material values.

Keep the phone number listed on the site so that in case of a fire, you can quickly call the company's specialists who will eliminate the source of ignition. For a consultation, leave a request for a call back or call us yourself.
Employees of the ChoVsK company will protect you, those around you and your property from fire!