Mine detection and elimination services

Services for the detection and elimination of minefields at facilities

In special cases, when it is extremely undesirable to allow unauthorized persons to enter the protected object or territory, minefields are used. In the event of an attempted illegal penetration, mines cause damage to equipment and manpower of the intruder. Minefields were widely used in military conflicts.

After performing the necessary operations to protect objects or deter the enemy, minefields must be eliminated so as not to endanger people's lives. This is a responsible task, since it is necessary to find all the installed mines and neutralize them. To be sure of the result, entrust this task to professionals such as ChoVsK. We provide services for the detection and elimination of minefields at facilities of any complexity.

The ChoVsK team consists of experienced professionals with the necessary qualifications to perform the most complex jobs. For work we use modern equipment for search of explosive ordnance.

If you need to check the object for the presence of minefields and eliminate them, call our company at the phone number listed on the site, or leave a request for a call back. Our experts will evaluate the scope of work and give a preliminary estimate of the timing and material costs.

ChoVsK is an organization that will make any object safe!