Earthmoving machines

Earth-moving machines (excavators and demining machines)

Earthmoving machines perform a wide range of tasks depending on their type. Without the use of such machines, it is difficult to imagine the process of building roads, buildings and fortifications.

A separate place is occupied by demining machines. For these purposes, both specialized equipment and modified excavators, bulldozers and other machines equipped with additional equipment can be used.

Earthmoving machines can be obtained from organizations that provide them for rent or leasing. Unfortunately, the capabilities of standard equipment are not always sufficient to perform complex tasks. In this case, you should contact a company that is capable of non-standard solutions and has a fleet of special, modified models of equipment.

ChoVsk can provide customers with a variety of earthmoving machines, ranging from excavators to land clearing machines. Using our equipment, you can effectively solve the following tasks: digging trenches, shelters, pits, forming embankments and other structures. In addition, if necessary, you can order a machine equipped with a mine flail or roller to clear the area from explosive objects.

Contact the ChoVsK company to order specialized equipment, demining machines or excavators. Contact us by phone or request a call back. ChoVsk is a reliable assistant in any engineering work!